Micro Toppings

Micro topping can be used over existing concrete, tiles, natural stone and even decorative concrete.

Typical usage includes when the concrete is not suitable to be polished.

Micro topping can also be used to repair old and cracked concrete.

When micro-topping is applied on a concrete floor or area, the result will be a smooth surface and durable finish.

And you can have your choice of colour, texture and patterns.

Some of the advantages of micro topping include;

  • Easy to apply
  • No additional additives are needed
  • Superior coverage
  • Bonds very well with concrete
  • Mould resistant
  • Sometimes can be used as a filler too
  • It can be coloured

It's also a great solution for quick and easy renovations without the expenses of having to dig up the old concrete floor.

Micro topping is applied by hand and sealed using a topical sealer.

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