Concrete Sealing

Concrete sealing is the process of applying a protective layer to concrete in order to protect it from the elements and hence prevent any deterioration.

Concrete is a porous material meaning it can 'breathe' and absorb outside elements such as water and when that happens, over time, this will lead to an array of problems including structural damage and obviously aesthetic problems, i.e. affecting its looks.

Benefits of concrete sealing

Other than protecting the concrete from decay and damage, a sealant will help prevent mould and weeds from sprouting in concrete cracks.

By stopping moisture from seeping in prevents the growth of mould, moss and any weeds that may use the concrete as a substrate.

The other benefit of sealing concrete in outside areas such as driveways and pathways, is that any water on the concrete will run-off as the protective layer prevents the water from soaking in.

This run-off water will most likely end up in gardens and lawn thus watering the greenery that surrounds the area.

While not largely a huge benefit, during long hot summery days when rain does come, run-off water comes in useful to keep grass and garden bed nourished.

Concrete sealer is available in a variety of colours, hence not only does the sealant protect the concrete finish, it can fit in with the surroundings no longer does your pathway or driveway have be a dull grey!

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